Katy Perry’s photo shoot is officially the world’s most popular photo shoot

The world’s second-most-popular photo shoot, the Katy Perry shoot, has now been voted the most popular in the history of the Internet.

The shoot was taken in Houston, Texas on July 10, 2020, when Perry was photographed with her husband, James Corden, and her two children.

It was the first time a photo shoot of a major celebrity, as Perry, whose husband James Cordech is also an actor, was seen in public.

Perry and Corden wore tuxedos and a black turtleneck and had been photographed on the balcony of their mansion.

The Katy Perry photo shoot has now taken the world by storm, with nearly a billion views.

The BBC is now saying that the shot is the most-watched photo shoot in history.

The Top 10 most-viewed photos of 2020, taken by Katy Perry, who was on the top of the list for a second time, according to the BBC, is as follows:The Katy Perkins Photo Shoot:1.

Katy Perry and James Cordecen pose in front of the Houston skyline.

Perry was taken with her children in front, in front and behind the house.2.

Katy Perkins posed for a portrait on a street in Houston.

She is pictured wearing a black and red shirt and black pants.3.

Katy and James have a selfie with a dog on a balcony in Houston with a view over the city.

Perry is seen wearing a red, white and blue turtlenecks.4.

Katy looks at the sky with her boyfriend James Corderon in Houston on July 8, 2020.5.

Katy has her hair styled by photographer James Cordercon in the background.

Perry has her eyebrows and chin pierced with a gold pin.6.

Katy is seen smiling and holding hands with James in Houston during the Katy and the Beast tour stop in Houston in August 2020.7.

Katy with her family at the Houston Zoo.

She has a baby.8.

Katy poses for a photo with her mother, sister, and aunt on the porch of her home in Houston near the Houston Convention Center.9.

Katy posed with James and the kids on a rooftop in Houston where she is seen at the top, next to the Houston Rockets logo.10.

Katy in a black T-shirt and black shorts.

She poses for the camera with James on the roof of a mansion.

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