What you need to know about pregnancy and maternity photographer Zoe Quinn

It seems like Zoe Quinn and her husband have always been very clear on how they want their new baby girl.

But the truth is, they haven’t quite decided what to call her yet.

And even though they don’t have to, they might as well do so right now, because the baby girl they’ve just had is a baby.

“We decided on a name that sounds cool,” Quinn told The Daily Beast on Friday.

“I love baby, but we’re just so excited about this baby.”

In case you were wondering, Quinn has opted for a more “faux-pregnant” name: Brianna Wu, a pun on the name Wu-Tang Clan.

“The first name I’d like to give my baby is Brianna,” Quinn said.

“It sounds like a lot of fun.

It’s just like, the name Brianna.

So I thought that’s the name we should be naming her.”

According to the couple, they’re also going with the “breath of life” name, Wu, which is a reference to Wu-Daz, the band’s first rapper and one of the founding members.

Quinn says she was inspired by Wu-Da and the band Wu-Funk.

“It was kind of a fun name for us,” she said.

“There’s something very ‘breath-of-life’ about Wu-Di.”

For Quinn, it’s also a nod to Wu’s music, and she hopes to use the baby name as a way to inspire a younger generation.

“Brianna Wu is so powerful, so powerful for so many reasons,” she added.

“That’s why it’s a beautiful name.

Because that’s how we feel.”

Wu-Diaz recently told MTV News she wanted to use her baby name to inspire people to do the same for others.

“I think it’s important for people to know that when they see someone who is struggling and they can see that in their own lives, it is also not that they don`t have the resources, or it’s not that there are barriers to what they want to do, it`s that they are able to see their dreams through and make it happen,” she told the network.

She’s also hoping to inspire other mothers to give birth by making their own names.

“In my experience, women who give birth are often very open about what they`re trying to do with their baby,” Wu-Baz said.

In the meantime, Wu-Craz has decided to name her baby Brianna because, she told MTV, she wants her daughter to be “the person who feels the need to say, ‘I can’t do this.'”

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