Why did this photo of a wedding photographer make the rounds in 2016?

The wedding photographer who went viral on Instagram this summer for sharing the wedding photos of his and his wife’s guests with the caption, “I am so happy I got the opportunity to shoot this wedding” got the most attention for a photo that went viral.

That photo, posted by photographer Nick Gasson on May 26, 2016, shows a smiling Gassons wife, Ashley, and their baby daughter, Vivian, at a lavish wedding reception.

The photo has gone viral, and it’s now gone viral again.

Gassos wife has since become a trending topic on Twitter.

The wedding photographer went viral for sharing his wife, with the hashtag #LoveYourBodysDaughter, after sharing the photos on Instagram.

“I just want to thank my wife for making us such a happy couple,” Gasss wife said in the photo caption.

Gasses wife, in an Instagram post that has been retweeted over 15,000 times, said she had wanted a big family wedding.

Gassing posted a caption on the photo, “This is the moment when the love is in the air and we have a huge family.

#LoveYouYourDaughter #HappyBirthday.”

In another Instagram post, Gasso’s wife also shared the photos, which showed a smiling and smiling Gasses daughter, who was crying in the background.

Gasss family said they had already discussed the possibility of having the couple’s wedding reception at a private venue, but that the timing of the wedding could have been much better.

“It’s such a special day and the kids are all excited and they’re going to love this moment,” Gassy said in an interview with ABC News.

The family also said that Gass had never intended to post the photo online, but instead posted it to Instagram to share it with his thousands of followers.

“He was just sharing it to show people that it was not the first time,” his wife said.

“He was actually a photographer for a couple of years, but it wasn’t his first time posting photos online.

He just wanted to share the experience with people,” Gassing’s wife said, adding that they planned to have the wedding reception in a private location in their hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

In another Facebook post, his wife shared the photo and said that they were all happy.

“We got married in a small, intimate setting and we are very grateful to everyone who shared it,” Gassed’s wife wrote.

“I’m so happy that we got married this year, I know it is not every day that you can see someone’s wedding and see their kids with a smile on their face and a smile and a big hug on their baby girl,” she added.

Gassing said that he wanted to be a part of the celebration of his wifes life and that he was looking forward to the next year.

“This year, we are looking forward the most to seeing how we can make this year a better year for my family,” Gasses told ABC News in a Facebook post.ABC News’ MaryAnn Ryan contributed to this report.

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