BALTIMORE wedding photographers: ‘It was a bit of a surprise’

In the early hours of Sunday morning, BALTimore’s famed Royal Baltimore and Adjutant General’s Hall, the place where Queen Elizabeth II is expected to wed the first-ever monarch, was in chaos.

With thousands of visitors coming to the town on Sunday morning for the city’s first royal wedding since the death of Prince William, thousands of locals were still struggling to make sense of the chaotic situation.BALTIMORES wedding photographers are trying to make their way through the crowds of people to capture images for a wedding magazine.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, March 1, the venue had to be evacuated because of the number of guests who were arriving to see the Queen, with some locals saying they feared for their safety.

“It was definitely a bit a surprise to see how many people were in the streets today,” photographer Sarah O’Sullivan said.

“I was a little worried when I went down to the hotel this morning, but it was only a few hundred people.”

There was a lot of people queuing to go into the hotel.

People are coming from as far away as Cork, County Cork and Dublin.

“The Royal Baltimore & Adjuteant General`s Hall was evacuated in Baltimore for a royal wedding.

Bethany Poynt, managing director of wedding magazine The Wedding Journal, said the event was “an absolute thrill” for photographers who had been hoping to capture pictures of the event.”

The atmosphere of the Royal Baltimore is so special, you can’t help but feel as though it`s your own personal space,” she said.

While the crowds have eased off, Ms Poynd said it was “a bit of an unknown” for the photographers, with many going through “troubles” to get to their destinations.”

As the day wore on, the crowds started to thin and there was a definite increase in the number,” she explained.”

But it was still a beautiful day and I was really excited to be there.

“But for photographer Sarah Poyn, it was another “challenge” to capture a royal couple in the city.”

People are just so excited, I had to keep working on the images,” she admitted.”

Some of them were quite tricky to capture, especially in the beginning because people were getting so excited they were spilling out onto the street.

“As crowds dwindled and the hotel was cleared, the Royal B&A Hall was reopened and the ceremony was completed.”

We`re all just really excited and thrilled to be working here and it was such a huge honour to be a part of,” Ms Pongnt said.

The Royal B & A Hall is home to the Royal British Legion, and is one of the biggest wedding venues in the country.

Ms Poynn said there were people who were there “in droves” but had been told by hotel staff they could not stay in the hotel until the event finished.”

When the hotel finally reopened, there were quite a few people who had already booked in and were trying to leave but were still unable to leave,” she added.”

For those who are in the queue and the line just kept getting longer, I think they had a bit too much to drink.

“Ms Pongnn said she was happy with the event, and wished everyone the best.”

In a way it is kind of a celebration of the Queen and the fact that she has been in Baltimore so long and has been married to this man for so long, but there`s a bit more to it than that,” she remarked.”

My heart goes out to everyone who was in that line and I hope it’s not too long until we are all able to get back to our hotels.


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