How did it happen? How did a small, mostly rural community become the nation’s first photojournalism-obsessed tourist destination?

The city of San Diego is known as a place where many of the country’s most famous tourist attractions are located.

Now it’s becoming known as the countrys first photo tourism hub.

But in a city of less than half a million people, there is no shortage of places to explore.

“I love San Diego, but I don’t like being here,” said John Stadler, owner of Stadlers Photo Gallery, which specializes in local photography.

“I want to see the best of the area.

I want to feel the warmth of the sunshine, but not be overwhelmed by the noise and traffic.”

Stadlers, who was born in South Africa and grew up in England, said his love for the city has always been strong.

“But when I was 14, I came to San Diego and it was like a dream,” he said.

“It was like I was born here.”

Stader said he was a young man who had a strong sense of curiosity about his surroundings.

He became a photographer, but he always loved traveling, and he had always wanted to see what the country had to offer.

“The world has changed a lot since I was a child,” Stadgers said.

Stader had been documenting the history of the city of 7,000 for years, but in 2009, he took a break from the site of his work.

He took on the project of photographing the city for a newspaper article.

The newspaper, San Diego Weekly, published Stadels photograph, which was quickly shared on social media.

The photo showed a large crowd of people dancing in front of a statue of the Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus.

“It’s very exciting and it’s very moving,” said Robert Schmitz, director of the San Diego Museum of Art, which displays the photograph.

“The story that you see in the photo is really powerful and tells the story of a city that was once a great city, but that has been changed by so many things over the years.”

Schmitz said that the image has inspired the creation of a series of exhibitions, including the one that opened this month in the museum’s gallery.

“You see the city in a new light, it’s a story of transformation,” he explained.

But it is the image of the crowd dancing on the statue that has become a local tourist icon.

The photograph is so iconic that it has become part of the local cultural landscape.

“We have a lot of visitors that come here, and they always come with their kids, and that’s why the photo always brings people together,” SchmitZ said.

The museum’s director said the public was also captivated by the photograph and that the museum has been using the photograph for its own events for decades.

“That’s how we have been able to sustain our business over the past decade, and continue to support the cultural activities of our community,” Schmutz said.

It has been a remarkable journey, he added, adding that the photo has inspired other cities to embrace the image as part of their tourism landscape.

“People see it, and it makes people think,” he added.

“San Diego is very much a photo tourism city, and people come to see photos, and sometimes they just want to have a look.”

Stadells, who lives in the city’s upscale beachside neighborhood, said that while he does not want to say too much, he does believe the photograph has inspired people to go out and see the area for themselves.

“If I was to share it with you right now, I would probably just say it’s incredible,” he laughed.

“That photo is the essence of what the city stands for.

It’s a symbol for all the people here.

It tells us that San Diego has always lived and breathed photography, and now we have a chance to be a tourism city that embraces it.”

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