How to buy a diamond with a surgeon

According to an article published in the journal Plastic Surgery, surgeons may be able to perform surgery on a diamond using a surgical drill.

According to the article, the procedure would allow surgeons to drill a hole into the diamond, which would allow them to remove the diamond’s facet, or diamond-shaped structure, and place it back in place.

The article says that, based on current technology, the drill would not only allow for the removal of a facet, but also remove the facet’s underlying metal.

While there is no guarantee that surgeons would be able the exact same drill that was used to drill out the diamond in the first place, a recent study indicates that there may be ways to make the process easier.

Researchers at Northwestern University found that the drill could be inserted into a small hole and drilled into a facet to remove it.

The drill would have a relatively small footprint compared to the size of the diamond.

The researchers, who published their findings in the American Journal of Surgery, say that the method may not be the most efficient method for removing a facet from a diamond.

However, they say that it would be more efficient for a smaller diamond to be inserted, and for a larger diamond to have the facet removed, rather than drilling it out.

For now, the method is still under study and not yet available.

The study found that a diamond would need to be cut with a 3-D laser and then the drill placed into the facet to be removed.

The 3-d laser will produce a small amount of heat, which will then be released by the diamond to heat the facet.

According the article on the website of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the process could be used to remove a facet.

Dr. James B. McLean, an associate professor of surgery at Northwestern, said in a statement that the study shows that there is a potential for a more efficient and safe method for removal of the facet from an object.

Dr McLean added that the technique is more economical than other methods, because the drill’s drill tip is smaller than that of a laser, which is typically used to cut metals.

In addition to the drill, McLean said that the researchers would also test the procedure using a metal-plated drill bit.

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