Nikki Catsouras Photography for a Charleston Wedding: The Photographer’s Photo Story

Nikki Catsuras is the photographer who shot a Charleston wedding that will go down as one of the greatest weddings in the history of Charleston.

The pictures were taken in December of 2015.

She was also in attendance for the reception at the Hilton Charleston Charleston in Charleston, South Carolina. 

When asked what she was most proud of, she answered, “the wedding was so much more than just a photograph.

It was a reflection of me as a person and as a photographer.

I felt like I was part of the family.” 

On a personal level, she says that her inspiration came from her mother, who is African American.

“She’s so proud of her ancestors and of her history,” she says. 

She also says that the photographer’s photos were not just for herself but for her husband, Scott.

“He was always really inspired by Nikki.

He had a really strong sense of self and he wanted to represent me in a way that I was not.” 

When the photos were taken, the couple had just moved into the home they shared, and Nikki was working as a receptionist at the hotel where the reception was taking place. 

“It was just a perfect fit.

She has the room, she’s very comfortable, and she’s really good at the photography,” Scott said. 

As a wedding photographer, Nikki’s job is to take photographs that reflect the beauty and richness of the wedding. 

Nikki was married to Scott Catsuradis on October 20, 2015, in the Charleston Hilton Charleston, SC. 

Photos by Nikki Catsureas Photography Posted by Nikki Caturas Photography on Tuesday, March 07, 2019 07:11:23You may also like

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