The dirty wedding photographer

The dirty photographer in this week’s article An online dating site is the latest to join the trend of offering dirty weddings.

Dirty wedding photographer Jason Oakes has put up a new job listing on job site Monster and says he’ll be working as a wedding photographer for a couple of weeks.

Mr Oakes is posting pictures of his dirty wedding with his wife.

“I’m a professional photographer, but my wife doesn’t really like the way I look,” he says.

“She thinks I’m a bit of a dirty brat.

So I decided to do a dirty wedding, which is really not my style.”

The job listing also says Mr Oaks will need to be a “good photographer” and has a photo of him “playing dirty”.

The job posting has since been taken down.

The online dating website Monster, which has been heavily criticised by the media, has been accused of making inappropriate comments.

“Monster is a company that makes a lot of money from dating,” a spokesperson for the company told The Australian.

The spokesperson said Monster was “extremely sorry” for the comments made in the Job Fair job advertisement. “

The company is looking into this matter and will be taking appropriate action.”

The spokesperson said Monster was “extremely sorry” for the comments made in the Job Fair job advertisement.

“We are taking this matter seriously and will work with the company to find the person who made these comments.”

A similar job advertisement has been removed from the site.

The spokesman for Monster said the company was “looking into this situation” and would look into it “with our employees”.

A spokesperson for Monster, who is owned by the same company as Monster, told The ABC the company had removed the Job Day Job Fair listing from its site.

“It is very important that Monster is clear that its standards are the same as those of Monster’s other businesses and that our Job Day listings reflect this,” the spokesperson said.

“That is the nature of our business.”

The spokeswoman said Monster did not “have a position on this matter”.

“The job listing has been taken off the site and we will be investigating the matter with our employees.”

Monster’s website has also been criticised for “saying rude things” to users.

A spokesperson said it had taken down the job listing because it was “not in the best interests of the company”.

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