This beautiful and rare gem is a ‘pioneer’ of modern photography

It’s not the most famous of its kind, but a photograph of a beautiful and unusual gemstone is a rare piece of art.

The gem, named ‘Fiji’, was discovered in the Kermadec area in northern Fiji by a local photographer who had been out collecting.

The photo was later featured in a British magazine, and now, in the words of the artist, ‘is one of a kind.

It’s the only gem in the world that can survive the harsh conditions that the volcanic islands of Fiji face, as well as the harsh weather of the Pacific.

The Kermadesc rock, which is made up of two concentric layers, is one of the most beautiful and distinctive specimens of its class, according to the artist.

The diamond is said to be the “most beautiful stone of its type” and is a “gift from God” to the photographer.

The rare gemstone, nicknamed ‘Fijian’ by the artist who discovered it, has been named after the island nation of Fiji, which sits in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean.

It is believed that it was made by a volcanic eruption in the 1960s, but there is no record of it ever being sold.

The name Fiji comes from the words ‘Fili’ meaning island in Hawaiian, ‘Fii’ meaning gold in Spanish, and ‘Fioni’ meaning “fiery” in English.

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