What’s the best place to photograph your wedding?

The best place for a wedding photographer is the spot where the couple is sitting, says a new study.

Photojournalist Chris Williams says the key is having a professional photographer stand at the wedding.

“If you want to be professional, it has to be a location with a good atmosphere,” he says.

Williams says most photographers don’t have a professional studio to use because they prefer to be in the studio to shoot.

“I’d recommend someone who has worked in the industry for a while,” he said.

Williams is based in Hamilton, Ont.

with his wife, Samantha, who’s also a photographer.

He said his clients want to get the wedding photographed on location and they can afford a professional photo studio.

Williams said he’s used to working in the traditional business of photographing weddings in Toronto, which has its own unique challenges.

But the couple had to make a choice, he said, because they didn’t have the luxury of renting a professional shoot in Toronto.

“It was very important to us that it be as natural as possible.

We were happy to do the traditional thing.”

He says if a wedding venue is not as convenient as Hamilton, they will have to work from a home location.

“But we had to have a studio somewhere close to where we were doing the ceremony.”

In a typical wedding venue, a photographer will be standing in the middle of a crowd of people and will need to use a wide angle lens to get a good photo.

But if the venue is smaller and people gather around a small table, the photographer won’t be able to get as close to the people sitting around it.

“There is no way that you can be so close to all the people that are seated,” he explained.

A couple of other factors factor into the decision of where to photograph a wedding.

For instance, there’s the amount of people in the wedding and the length of the ceremony.

If the venue isn’t busy, the person photographing a wedding will be stuck with a few people.

If a venue is busy, it can be difficult to get enough people in for a photo.

“You don’t want to stand there, and you don’t know what they’re going to say or do to you,” Williams said.

For a wedding photo shoot, Williams recommends going to a location that is well-known.

If you can’t find a location where people are used to attending a wedding, you should consider hiring a photographer to do it.

He says some people are more comfortable in front of the computer than in front a camera.

“They’re used to being in front and being in the moment.”

The couple had a wedding ceremony at a church in Hamilton in 2015, but Williams said it was difficult to find a good location for a photograph because it was far from the church.

“We did the same thing with the wedding,” he recalled.

“The next day, we went to the wedding.”

Williams said his most popular wedding location was in Hamilton because it is home to many people.

“People in Hamilton are very connected,” he added.

“So if you can find someone that’s comfortable in a space that people can walk into, then that’s where I would recommend you go.”

He said the city’s low cost of living, good weather and proximity to the airport made Hamilton a great place to shoot weddings.

“Hamilton has a huge number of restaurants and cafes and lots of great nightlife,” he concluded.

Williams also recommends that couples consider the fact that it’s cheaper to take photos at a restaurant than a studio.

“For a lot of couples, that’s a plus,” he noted.

If it’s a wedding where there are a lot people and there are many different types of people, Williams said the photographer should consider taking a portrait or a shot of a person standing on the wedding floor.

Williams, who was born in Hamilton and raised in Toronto before moving to Hamilton in 1997, said the couple did not get the chance to experience the city in person before their wedding.

He hopes that people will take his advice to heart.

“Being in Hamilton as a photographer has given us an incredible perspective on life and life as a city,” he told CBC Hamilton.

“When you get out of your own city, you get an entirely different perspective on things.”

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