Which photographer can capture your best images?

Photo restoration expert Richie Powell recently completed the restoration of an iconic rock on Oahu.

“I was given a giant piece of stone and I just said, ‘Oh, I don’t want to use it, but I will,’ ” Powell told Business Insider.

“So I went up to it and I took some pictures, then I turned the light on and the water was coming through it, and then I went back down to it.”

Powell was working on the restoration project while in the middle of a major event, when the water started to seep into his property.

“It was a great feeling to be able to bring a rock back,” he said.

“The water just got deeper and deeper.”

While Powell and his team have a pretty solid grasp of what a rock looks like in the wild, they still aren’t quite sure what to expect from restoring a photo taken with a modern DSLR.

“We are not completely sure,” he explained.

“When I started this project, I wanted to preserve the beauty and the feeling of the rock and preserve the original beauty of the landscape.

Powers said he has used the photos as part of his training to teach his students about preservation. “

For us, we want to recreate what it would be like to have a photo that would have been taken from a hundred years ago.”

Powers said he has used the photos as part of his training to teach his students about preservation.

“Most people, they have their own idea of what it should be like and they want to preserve,” he told Business Insiders.

“This is something where I’ve been able to help them see how it’s actually done, because I’ve done some restoration.”

A rock, with its exposed rock face, with the exposed rock surface, photographed by Richie Powel, in the Pacific Coast Mountains of California.

Photo restoration expert Richie Powell, with a photograph taken by his wife, photographer Jacqueline Powell. 

(Business Insider/Richard O’Brien)Powel has a long history with rock photography.

In 2008, he began photographing rock and sand on the island of Hawaii with his Nikon D3.

“One of my favorite memories of that was when I was a kid, watching a group of people play in the water and it was beautiful,” he recalled.

“And the same year, my dad and I went on a trip to Oahu with a Nikon D7.

We went to Kailua and the sand was a little bit rough and cracked and I remember the water going up and down on the rocks.

It was a wonderful experience.”

Powell said he also has an interest in preserving the natural world.

“In Hawaii, it’s really important to have that water, that sea, that sand, that landscape,” he noted.

“You need that for everything, because you need it for everything.”

He said that he would like to see more people restore and restore landscapes as part a larger conservation effort.

“What I want to see is people being able to do things with nature that they can’t now,” he shared.

“A rock or a piece of sand, you can’t use them.

They can’t be used.”

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