Why the New York Wedding Photographer is a Must-See

Photographer Michael D. Murphy, who has photographed a staggering 17,000 weddings in his career, has a special spot in his heart for the city. 

He told RTE that he feels lucky to be able to spend so much time with people, and has a personal connection to the city he loves.

“You can’t help but feel it is the best place on Earth for a wedding photographer,” he said.

“It’s just a beautiful place.” 

Murphy, who lives in Manhattan, has been working in the city for nearly 15 years. 

“I love photographing weddings,” he explained.

“They are a big part of my life, and I like the fact that there is such a wide variety of people that come through these doors.”

I really enjoy it when I can see the joy and emotion in everyone, especially the people in the front row,” he added. 

Murph said he felt lucky to have the freedom to go to New York for weddings. 

 “My wedding photography is one of the most personal things I do,” he shared. 

As well as the photographs he has taken, Murphy is a member of the Royal Photographers Association (RPA), and is a contributor to the RPA magazine. 

When asked if he would have to pay for his wedding photographs, Murphy said: “I would not have to.””

The only thing I would have had to pay is the cost of the photographer,” Murphy said. 

And it’s a privilege to be in a wedding,” he concluded. “

It allows you to see the person in the best light.

And it’s a privilege to be in a wedding,” he concluded. 

The photographer says that his favourite part of his job is “taking people through their lives”. 

“That is the most gratifying part of it,” he commented.

“You get to meet people, to see them as people. 

So I like that, I like to spend time with them. 

I love that. 

They’re a big deal in the world, but you get to see their life, the journey of their life.”

Murphy said that he felt “very lucky” to be invited to the 2016 Royal Photographic Society of New York (RPSNY) Annual Convention, where he was able to share his work with thousands of photographers, and was treated to a “special day”. 

Mur, who will be attending the Royal PTA, is not only an award-winning photographer, but also a well-known figure in the wedding industry. 

Since joining the RPSNY in 2012, Murphy has received over 300 awards, including the 2017 Royal Photographical Society of Ireland (RPHI) Professional Photographers’ Choice Award, and the 2016 RPHI International Photographers Awards (IPA). 

Muram also won the 2015 International Photographic Association (IPAA) Professional Photographer of the Year Award. 

In the years since joining the organisation, Murphy says that the RPRA has become a regular source of inspiration for his photography. 

With over 2,000 members, the RPHE is one the largest wedding photographers in the US, with about 1,200 members worldwide. 

Its members also include a number of wedding photographers who are also active in the industry, such as the photographer from New Orleans who has travelled the country for weddings, and photographer of record, Paul Dolan. 

On his Facebook page, Murphy also shares images from the 2016 wedding he shot in Chicago with the Royal Royal Photographing Society of Illinois. 

There is also a Facebook group for the group, where photographers and photographers’ friends are encouraged to talk about their weddings.

“As a wedding photography photographer, it’s about capturing the people, the vibe of the city, and that’s what we’re here for,” Murphy explained. 

What to wear for your wedding? 

“As with most wedding photographers, you want to be comfortable, but don’t get too fancy,” Murphy added.

“Be yourself, and try to stay true to yourself. 

Be relaxed and have a sense of humour. 

Don’t wear any makeup, and don’t make up your own eyeshadow.” 

“Makeup is for people who are not wedding photographers,” Murphy concluded.

“If you have a friend who has been married for a while, or you’re not sure what kind of makeup they’re wearing, get them to come and talk to you. 

You can ask them what they are wearing, and ask them to make up for their bad lighting. 

This is a very positive aspect of this industry.”

It’s an amazing experience,” Murphy commented. 

Image credits: Image courtesy of The Royal Photography Society of Canada, Michael D. MURPH

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