Fort Myers photographer named in new ‘Titanic’ film

A photojournalist who has been named in a new documentary about the 1915 “Titanics” is credited with capturing the iconic moment when the legendary American explorer, George Armstrong Custer, launched his second voyage to the North Pole.

The photos, shot by photographer Frederick E. Tannenbaum, are featured in “Titans,” which premiered on HBO Sunday night.

The documentary, by British filmmaker Peter Cushing, was directed by Canadian filmmaker David Crouch and stars John Malkovich and John Cusack.

The film also includes interviews with former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt, former US Secretary of State Dean Acheson, former president Jimmy Carter, and the late George F. Kennan, who famously called for the end of World War II and opposed US involvement in the Korean War.

Tania Thompson, who worked at the National Geographic Institute in Washington, DC, from 1955 to 1977, was the first female photographer to be honored with the prestigious Pulitzer Prize for photojournalism.

She is now a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the Royal Society of Canada.

The Pulitzer Prize was given in 1947 for photographs documenting the First World War, the Korean war, and World War I. Tano Thompson in her early work as a photojournalistic photographer in Fort Myers, Florida, in 1947.

(National Geographic Institute) Tanninbaum, a lifelong Fort Myers resident, spent more than three decades as a freelance photographer, including more than 50 years in the New York City area.

The “Tacos,” as he was known to his family, had an off-beat, eccentric and sometimes hilarious character.

They were a group of men and women who came together at a local restaurant, with the goal of meeting up and having a beer, Tannenberg told the CBC’s The Early Edition.

TANNENBERG TO REUNITE IN COLUMBIA In an interview with The Early Editions podcast in 2014, Tano said he had been looking forward to reuniting with his family in Montana for a year.

“I was going to come back and see my mother and my brother, and all that kind of stuff, but it’s kind of like when you have a baby and you don’t see your parents again, it’s just like a lot of stuff,” Tannenburg said.


— April 22, 2019—Fort Myers, Fla.—Tania Thompson and her husband, Frank, celebrate with beer and beer-making tools on April 22 as they celebrate their 80th wedding anniversary in Fort Wayne, Ind.

(Photo: David L. Warren, AP)Tania’s husband Frank Thompson is seen in this undated photo.

(Tania family)In the film, which premiered at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, Tania describes the moment he and his wife, Frank Thompson, were told they would be marrying on the eve of World Wars I and II.

Frank Thompson told The Early editions that he was at home at the time, so they didn’t hear a knock on the door.

Tanni Thompson said they went inside and were greeted by their family and then, in the dark, heard footsteps coming towards them.

Tani Thompson said she thought it was their neighbor’s dog barking.

But they were not startled.

Frank and Tania said they were told that the door was open, so Tani took off his coat, opened the door and saw his wife holding a bottle of beer.

He said she held the bottle in her hand and was taking a sip.

They then heard the sound of footsteps and a woman’s voice telling them to turn around.

“You got the champagne, you’re going to have the beer,” the woman told them, according to The Early.

They ran into the kitchen, where Tani was greeted by a woman who asked if he wanted a second beer.

They agreed, and Tani and his family went into the dining room to find the two women in bed together.

Tannis said that they went downstairs and asked them if they were OK, to which they responded, “Sure, just fine.”

Tania says his wife gave him the bottle and he asked her to open it.

“Then she opened the bottle, and it was champagne, and I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’

I mean, how would you know?

You can see she’s got a beer in her mouth, and she just takes it.

Then she takes it out and it’s really bubbly, and then it hits the ground,” Tanni said.

“And I was like, ‘Oh my god, that’s a good one!'”

The next morning, Tannis and his bride were awakened by the sound, Tani said.

Frank told him that the woman had been drinking a bottle at the dinner table and the sound was coming from upstairs.

“Frank said, ‘[The noise]

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