How do you get a gold coin from a goldsmith?

When you’ve spent all your money on the perfect wedding dress, you’re left wondering if the perfect piece of jewelry is going to fit the bill.

But that’s where photographer Joseph Smith gets in on the action, as he and his wife Sophie are about to find out.

Smith and his bride Sophie are visiting a home in southern Massachusetts where they plan to get married this summer.

They’re not exactly a household name for the local community, but they’ve managed to find the perfect location.

They say the home is located on a hillside in the backyard, which is a bit like an outback town.

There’s a nice garden and some beautiful views of the ocean, and Smith says they’re also lucky that he’s not in the area during the peak summer months.

He says it’s a great place for a beautiful wedding, as it is the perfect setting for a bride and groom to get intimate.

Smith says that, when it comes to getting an engagement ring, he’s just lucky to find a jeweler willing to take him on a tour.

“There’s only one reason I can think of that would ever be offered for this particular engagement ring is if you were an atheist,” he told ABC News.

Smith said he’s been offered up to $1 million for his engagement ring and he’s told that he won’t accept it.

“I have a pretty good idea of how I’m going to get paid for this,” he said.

Sophie and Joseph Smith with their wedding band.

Courtesy of Joseph Smith photoJoseph Smith’s engagement ring.

Courtesy Joseph Smith

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