How to get a beautiful wedding photograph

We’ve been asked to give our tips on getting a beautiful photo and wedding picture from a photographer and, as a result, we’ve compiled a collection of some of our favourite tips to get the most out of your next wedding shoot.

If you’re just starting out, we’re sure this article will help.


Make sure your wedding photographer is well-versed in the field 2.

Don’t just ask your groom to take photos – ask him to do it with your wedding dress 3.

Ask if the bride is able to be there to shoot 4.

If your groom’s family has been there before, you might ask to have them sign over the photography rights 5.

If the bride’s family hasn’t been there, ask them to sign over their wedding photography rights 6.

Get in contact with your photographer before you shoot the wedding shoot 7.

Use your wedding photographers website to keep up with their latest developments 8.

Use a website like to make sure you’re getting the best quality images from your photographer 9.

Be prepared for your photographer to leave a little bit behind, especially when they are busy with other shoots 10.

If possible, get some of your wedding dresses to match your wedding colour scheme 11.

If it’s a wedding day, you need to make a special dress for your guests 12.

Donate some of the proceeds from the shoot to the charity you plan to attend your wedding with 13.

Be careful about how you use your wedding photographs for social media 14.

It’s a good idea to have your wedding photos professionally printed to avoid any copyright issues 15.

If there’s a large amount of people attending your wedding, make sure they are all wearing the same dress 16.

If one of your guests is a child or senior citizen, ask for their permission to take pictures of their parents 17.

If a wedding is taking place at a church or churchyard, make it so that you can take photos of them and your family 18.

It might be hard to get your wedding to go ahead if there are other photographers around, so ask the church or parishioners to take some of their photographs 19.

If someone in your family is in a different country, you can ask the police to be on hand for your wedding shoot 20.

If taking photos for a book deal, make arrangements to take your wedding pictures there 21.

Ask your photographer what their best advice is for taking wedding photographs, if they know anything.


Have your wedding planners write out a wedding planning document, which can be used for all future wedding shoots 23.

Make arrangements to have a reception for the wedding night 24.

If planning your wedding in advance, have a separate area in the house for wedding photography 25.

Use the wedding photographs as a guide when planning your day of celebration 26.

Use an online planning tool to find out how to organise a wedding, if you don’t already know the details of what you’re planning 27.

Be sure to have wedding photographers in your local area so that if there is a problem with your photography, they can be able to help you fix it 28.

If making the photo for your favourite magazine, ask your photographer if they have other photographers who can take their photographs for you 29.

When making the photos for the magazine, make a separate photo with your chosen bride and groom, and keep the photos with the photographer 30.

Take pictures of your friends, family and neighbours 31.

Be aware that weddings photography can take a while to take, so plan your wedding shoots accordingly 32.

It can be tempting to take the wedding photo in front of your favourite mirror, but be careful of where you take the photo 33.

Make your wedding photography as special as possible 34.

Ask a wedding photographer to make your wedding day a little more memorable 35.

Use wedding photographs to advertise a wedding or a special occasion for your local community 36.

If using your wedding photo as a poster, ask the photographer to add some text to the image so that it can be seen by the public 37.

If getting your wedding photograph done outside of your own area, make some arrangements for people to bring their own flowers and decorations 38.

Have the photographer send you an invitation, so you can invite your guests 39.

When planning your ceremony, make your reception as intimate as possible 40.

If photographing a ceremony in front your family, ask to be photographed as well 41.

If being in a ceremony is important to you, be sure to include a picture of your family as well 42.

If arranging a ceremony or ceremony photography session, ask whether your photographer has any tips for getting the most from their work 43.

If doing a wedding photography session for a group, ask a wedding planner if there’s anything they would like to add to the shoot 44.

Ask to be able the photographer can take some photos during the ceremony 45.

Make the photo of your bride and your groom stand side by side for the entire ceremony 46. Ask for

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