How to handle an awkward selfie with a doctor

As a nurse practitioner, I get emails from patients asking me to help them get their picture taken with a patient.

Sometimes they ask me to take the picture because they don’t want to be in the same room as a patient and have to share the moment.

But sometimes, they want me to share my experience to someone else, and that’s when I get a few awkward questions. 

In this post, I want to share a few tips I have learned about getting the most out of my time with patients. 

It might sound weird, but I like to think that I am just doing my job and helping patients.

 For example, one patient asked me, “Can I get you a photo of my tattoo?”

I explained that the tattoo was on my arm, so I could share it with her.

She told me that she didn’t have time for a tattoo, but that she would like to know how to do it with a little help from a nurse.

 Another patient asked if I could photograph her on the operating table.

I explained to her that I couldn’t do the surgery and that I needed to photograph her because I was a nurse, and because she didn�t know how.

She asked me if I wanted to take a photo and I said, “I don�t have time.”

So I turned her off and got the photo she asked for.

While the last one was a little awkward, the one before that was pretty good.

I can honestly say that the most difficult question I get from patients is the question, “How do I get this patient to take this picture?” 

I always get the best results by telling them the basics, like what I do and how I do it.

For example, the easiest way to ask a patient if she wants to take photos of herself is to ask her, “Do you want a picture with me?”

She will usually say yes, and you can tell because she won�t look at the picture.

I also get the most questions about her appearance.

Most patients want a professional picture, and I don�re always very interested in seeing how a patient looks in their own skin.

What about getting a good selfie?

When I look at my patients on a daily basis, I am amazed by how many have good selfies.

In fact, I can count the number of patients that have had a great photo with me, but there is one very important thing that every patient needs to do when they want to take an amazing photo with a professional photographer.

They need to get permission.

Before we can take photos, we need to ask permission from the patient.

If you are not a licensed professional, you probably don’t have permission to take pictures with your patients.

However, if you are a licensed nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist, you should be able to take photographs with your patient.

In my experience, if patients are in the operating room, the nurse practitioner usually will get permission to shoot them.

However, if a patient needs the help of a nurse or a nurse anesthesiologist, I usually get permission from them first.

This means that I can’t use my professional credentials to take some patient photos, but the patient is allowed to have the help if she so desires.

For some patients, I might ask the patient to wait a little while while after I have taken the photo.

Then I will let the patient know that I have a nurse working the photo, and the nurse will come and take the photo with her, but then the patient can turn her off.

As a nurse and anesthesiology resident, I have been known to give patients a massage, or even take them out for coffee. 

If a patient is really tired, I will offer them a bottle of water, a coffee or ice.

Another patient I have had the pleasure of seeing take a great selfie is a 30-year-old woman from the northeast.

She has been on life support for months and has been unable to make it out of her room.

I asked her what she wanted the most and she told me to give her the most important thing in life, a picture of her.

I am glad that I asked because she got a great picture, but if she had asked for the most special thing in her life, I would have said a picture. 

A few days ago, I got a call from this patient.

She was going to be going to the ER for her heart condition and was very anxious.

She had no idea how long she would be in a vegetative state, and she wanted to see her doctor.

She called me to tell me that the nurse was going over her chart and that she was going home.

She also asked me to let her know that she could call me back when she was able to walk again. 

 When I answered her call, she asked me what was wrong and how long I had been

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