Photos: Black female photographers in Okc

On a sunny day, photographer Ashley Givens and her husband, Travis, are waiting outside a home in the small community of Okc.

The couple have been there for the past two weeks and the family is thrilled to be living here.

“I feel like it’s my home,” Ashley said.

“It feels like I have a home, it’s just like my whole family is here.”

Travis and Ashley are the owners of Ashley Giver Photography, which is based in North Carolina.

Their daughter, Samantha, is an avid photographer.

The family has been documenting their family’s travels since 2010, when the couple moved to a town near the Alabama border.

“We’re going to be a family for a long time,” Ashley explained.

“We’re just trying to keep the spirit and keep the love and keep growing our family.”

Ashley’s husband, Ryan, is also an avid and talented photographer, and they both work with animals.

They are proud of their photography.

“Our animals are amazing, and it’s a way of showing people we care about our animals and that we care,” Ashley added.

“They’re so sweet.

They’re the most loyal people I’ve ever met.

They know how to be with their families and just be with the family.”

As a photographer, Ashley said her biggest focus is capturing the “beautiful” moments that come with family.

“You want to make sure that it’s capturing the moment that it happened,” she said.

“For me, the best way to capture that is to just shoot the moment as best as I can.”

When you take a photo, Ashley says the photographer has to have a good sense of perspective.

“When you look at it from the outside, the picture looks great, but if you look up at it, you don’t see it in the way that it is,” she explained.

“In a photo like this, I think it’s important to take that into account.

You don’t want to think you’ve captured it perfectly, because that would be missing the point.”

Ashland said she feels that when she takes photos, the photographer’s job is to take care of her.

“It’s really important for me to capture my husband, my daughter, my husband and my dog,” Ashley continued.

“I know it’s hard for him and it really is hard for my husband to get home to be able to see me.

But I do want him to see the beauty that’s there.”

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