Charlotte Photography – Photographers of the Day – April 2014

Charlotte photographers are a rare breed of photojournalists, and as a result are able to share their passion for the beauty of life and nature with the world, in the words of Charlotte.

“When I started out, it was just a hobby,” she says.

“But now I feel privileged to be able to give my personal story to the world.” 

Charlotte has shared some of her experiences in her photography career with the BBC, including the use of Photoshop to create a series of pictures that show the beauty and wonders of the natural world, and the impact that the environment has on people.

“In my photographs, I’ve tried to show the natural beauty of the city and the natural wonder of nature.

I’ve also been using my camera to capture people in the moment, whether they’re standing at the corner of a street or walking past a museum.”

Charlotte’s most recent series, which she says was shot during her wedding to David, was called “Beauty of the City”, and it captures a snapshot of a very special moment in Charlotte’s life.

“I wanted to capture the beauty that happens when you get married and have a baby, so I decided to shoot it in a different way,” Charlotte says.

“To do that, I had to use a digital camera that had the same sensor size as a digital SLR camera, so you’d see more of my eyes, my hair, and my skin than a digital camcorder.”

Charlotte started photographing in 2007 and started using the camera as a hobby.

“I wanted the experience to be real, and I wanted to see people’s faces when I shot them, so the camera was a great way to do that,” she explains.

“One of the challenges of photographing people, is to see them when they’re smiling.

And sometimes they can be really, really, sad.”

Charlotte says she has always had a strong sense of identity and self-worth.

“A lot of the pictures I’ve made are not just for myself, but for other people.

So that’s always been the theme in my work, is that I don’t want to be a camera or a photographer that I’m not.”

Charlotte has previously written about the life and career of photographer John Cairns.

You can read more about Charlotte here.

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