How to become a black female photographer

Black women, for all their talent, are often overlooked for jobs because of their race.

Black women tend to earn lower salaries than their white male counterparts, according to a new study.

Black photographers, for example, earn $16.25 per hour, while white photographers make $12.70 per hour.

In contrast, the average male photographer earns $24.30 per hour and a woman photographer earns only $20.60 per hour according to the survey.

In 2015, Black women earned $1.65 billion in wages and salaries, but the report found that they were only 2.6% of all black women.

Black people are also disproportionately represented in the labor force.

Black and brown women made up 28.2% of the labor forces, but made up only 15.6%, according to Census Bureau data.

The survey also found that black women are the least likely to have college degrees.

About one in five Black women (19%) and one in seven white women (13%) have college diplomas, compared to one in three Hispanic women (34%) and six in 10 white women.

The report also found the same gap in college attendance among both Black and white women, with the gap being the widest for black women (30%) compared to white women at 29%.

Black women are more likely to be in the workforce compared to their white counterparts, making up about 80% of those who are employed full-time and in the private sector.

Women also earn less than men in the same industries, the survey found.

The average hourly wage of black and Hispanic women was $15.00, while the average hourly wages of white women was around $15 an hour.

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