How to Photograph the President’s First Wedding as a Photographer

First photo ever of Barack Obama’s first wedding.

A few weeks ago, photographer and writer Andrew Cole was tasked with capturing President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama’s ceremony at the White House.

Cole was one of the first photographers to take the President to the White house and the first person to shoot Obama in the Oval Office.

Cole said he was there for a reason: he loves the president and wanted to share his photos with the world.

“The idea was to capture him as the President is in the White Houses first day as a photographer and to be able to document the moment,” Cole told ABC News.

Cole said his goal was to show the President in a way that would be respectful and not hurt his feelings.

“To have a portrait that captures the President as he is today, and that he is as he always is, is a really wonderful thing to capture.

And it’s not like we are a bunch of kids or we are going to make this up as we go along,” he said.

Cole’s photos show the two sitting in a corner, wearing formal suits and holding hands, as the ceremony unfolds.

“The President is at his desk, surrounded by staff and staff members,” Cole said.

“I just wanted to show him as he was being photographed, in his usual relaxed, calm way.”

Cole said his intention was not to be disrespectful to the ceremony.

“It was to convey that the President was as he has always been and that was all,” he explained.

Cole was honored to be part of the photo series that captures his favorite moments in the life of President Obama.

Cole is currently shooting for ABC News’ “Today” show as part of a series with former Obama adviser and ABC News contributor John Dickerson.

Cole also took photos of his friends at the wedding and other events, including President Obama’s wedding to first lady Maya Angelou and his father, former President George H.W. Bush.

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