Which Photos Tell The Story of the Beatles’ Rock and Roll Legacy?

There’s no shortage of photos from the band’s illustrious life that capture their most celebrated moments.

From the band celebrating the release of their first album, A Hard Day’s Night, to the album cover for the group’s first live album, Rubber Soul, to their iconic concert posters, there’s no end to the way they’ve been captured.

But what about those photos that weren’t made public until recently?

A handful of photos have now been released, and they paint a picture of the group at its most creative and adventurous years.

“There were a lot of things that were very private,” says photographer James Skelton, who’s worked with the Beatles for almost two decades.

“Some were very intimate, some were very public.”

Skelton’s work was taken during the first years of the band, and he’s always been drawn to the moments where Lennon and McCartney were onstage.

“I was there at Abbey Road with the band and a lot happened there.

They were really passionate about the music and they were so creative.”

Skeet is one of those photos.

He was one of the only people to actually see Lennon and the rest of the Fab Four in concert at Abbey Gate, and his work shows off the way the band was living out the musical dreams of the people they were around.

The album cover of Rubber SoulThe band’s iconic Abbey Road posters.

Image: James SkeetSkeets works are just one of many examples of the amazing photos that have been released from the Fab Five’s time in the spotlight.

Here’s a selection of some of the more striking photos.

Skeeth, who was working on a series of portraits of the four Beatles, was also at Abbey for the album’s release.

“They were quite the rock ‘n’ roll band, but it was very different,” he tells me.

“It was a time of intense public fascination, and a time when you really wanted to be there and experience that.”

The album covers are an interesting look at what was happening in the band when it was still the Beatles.

The Abbey Road poster for Rubber Soul.

Image, James SzeltonThe Beatles and the Beatles were in the midst of the most ambitious and prolific period in their careers.

They’d already released the Beatles classic, Rubber, and had already released their first two studio albums, Rubber Sugar and Rubber Heart.

But the band had to keep releasing records as they ramped up the pace of their new music.

“We had to record a lot more than we were planning,” McCartney told Rolling Stone in 1998.

“If you did it at the speed that we were going at, it wouldn’t be the Beatles.”

The band was in the middle of a new album when they released their debut album, Abbey Road.

“They’d gone through a period of incredible experimentation,” Skelthons father, Steve Skelthy, told Rolling Stones in the 1990s.

“The Beatles were very much on the edge of what they wanted to do and what they thought they could do.

They weren’t very clear in terms of what was really going on.

It was a huge, huge time of experimentation and experimentation.”

As McCartney put it, Abbey Gate was the band “doing the impossible, and it’s quite a wonderful feeling to be in that place, and then to go on to do so much more.”

Sketches of Lennon and his bandmates in front of Abbey Gate.

Image source: James SkeetSkelthos dad, who died in 2016, remembers the album release with his children.

“When I heard the news, I was really proud of them,” he told Rolling Spires.

“This is a wonderful band.”SKEET was also working on his next book, a book about the Beatles, which was published in April 2018.

“There’s a lot in there about their lives,” he says.

“What they were doing was really extraordinary.

I think the Beatles would be very proud of their lives and their legacy.”

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