Which street photographers captured the most famous Charleston wedding photos?

The most famous wedding photos in Charleston, South Carolina were taken by street photographers in a time of social upheaval and revolution.

In the late 19th century, Charleston was a stronghold of the slave trade, and a key port for the slave ships that brought slaves to the United States from Africa.

This changed when the South Carolina legislature passed the Anti-Slavery Act of 1867, which banned slavery.

But this ban was quickly overturned, and in 1872, the city became the first major city in the United State to pass a law banning all slavery.

The Anti-slavery Bill passed the state Senate and was signed into law by the governor.

Charleston was also a hotbed of racial tensions, with many people of color living there at the time.

In 1879, two black men were arrested for the murder of George Washington, and the Charleston NAACP called for the abolition of slavery.

One of these men was Samuel M. Martin, who was arrested for trying to burn down the South-South plantation that was home to his ancestors.

He was convicted of murder, but served out the rest of his sentence at the Georgia State Penitentiary.

The rest of the photojournalist’s life was spent photographing Charleston for a variety of publications.

He began as a regular photographer, and later moved to a smaller, more rural location.

His life in Charleston was so intense, that when he was in jail he would not take photographs.

“I felt I had no place in my life to be,” he said.

Martin’s wife, Harriet, was the first black woman to work in a black photojournalism company.

They published more than 200 photographs of African American life in the South during this time.

The Charleston photographer also worked as a security guard and a doctor.

He wrote numerous stories and photographs, but most of his work was published after his release.

In his book, “Slaft Life: The History of African Americans in Charleston,” he wrote about his life in and around the city.

He says he never felt at home when he worked in the city, but in the aftermath of the Civil War, he became an activist and a photographer, working for the NAACP and other groups.

“The Civil War was really a very violent time, and we weren’t able to protect our community,” he told CNN.

“So the only way I could get involved was to photograph.”

He began taking pictures in Charleston in 1878, when the city was still a thriving black community.

He went on to photograph other historic events in Charleston and the city’s history, including the Battle of Independence, the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., and the Stonewall Riots.

He said that when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 came into effect, he decided to go back to his hometown.

“It was like the end of the world,” he remembered.

He decided to move to Charleston to photograph the Battle for Independence, because he was sure that people would recognize his work.

He took photos at the Freedom Summer camp, where the first Black men and women marched to the South Capitol in March 1863.

He and a friend photographed the crowds and wrote about the experience for the newspaper.

The following year, Martin moved to the city of Charleston.

He stayed for three years photographing the city before moving to a small farm on a hill overlooking the city called the “Old Blue Hill.”

The place was filled with people, and Martin photographed everything from the Civil Wars to the birth of King, as well as the Civil Inauguration.

The photographer was a big fan of the city and of King and his family.

He wanted to document the history of the state of South Carolina, and he wanted to show the African Americans of Charleston how they lived.

“There were two sides to South Carolina,” he says.

“On one side, you had a large population of people who loved their slaves and the South.

On the other side, there was a very small population that had all kinds of issues, and so I wanted to capture both sides.”

Martin said that he wanted the pictures to be “real and true” but also “a bit different.”

He said he wanted his images to be a celebration of life and a celebration, not a commentary on slavery.

“My hope was that when I photograph something, people will see what they’re missing out on,” he explained.

“And I wanted the photographs to be different, and I wanted them to be like I see in a movie.

You’re seeing it for yourself.

I’m seeing it through the eyes of a man.

That’s what I try to do in my pictures.”

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