White House Photographer Dwayne Bowe Arrested After Arrest for Attempting to Steal Photo of Donald Trump

The White House photographer who posed for a photograph with President Donald Trump has been arrested on a felony count of theft and criminal mischief.

White House photographer Dwayne “Dwayne” Bowe, 38, of Charlotte, North Carolina, was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly trying to steal a photo of Trump while posing for a photo in the Oval Office, according to a criminal complaint filed Wednesday in federal court in Dallas.

The complaint says that Bowe approached the White House gate and tried to take a photograph of the president as he left.

Bowe, who has been a staff photographer at the White Houses press office since 2006, allegedly approached the Oval office fence with his cell phone and took a photo.

The White House is also named as a defendant in the complaint.

The charges against Bowe come after the Justice Department said that on Monday, Sept. 9, it began an investigation into the alleged theft of a photo Bowe took with Trump during his visit to Texas on Sept. 4.

On Sept. 14, 2017, the same day that Bowes arrest, Trump tweeted that he would welcome Bowe back to the White and that the photographer had been “treated unfairly.”

Bowe did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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