Why Jim Marshall was the photographer of the year: A look at the best photographs of 2017

New York magazine has named Jim Marshalls photographer of its 2017 Best Photography category, and the award has sparked a lot of controversy, with critics questioning whether the award is a good way to honor photographers.

Marshall won for his portrait of actor and comedian Jon Stewart, which he shot in the New York City area.

The photo also won the photographer award for Best Picture at the Toronto International Film Festival, and won the first-ever photojournalist award at the World Press Photo Awards.

But some critics believe the award doesn’t go far enough.

“I’m not a fan of this.

It’s an important photojournalism award.

But when you’re not an award-winning photographer, why do you even win it?” wrote photographer and critic Andrew O’Shea on Twitter.”

It’s a shame that people who do great work in the field can’t get this award.

And it’s sad that the Pulitzer Prize is being used to reward the work of those who are,” O’Shaas added.

In a statement, the Pulitzer Board said that the board is committed to diversity and inclusion.

“We recognize that the importance of photography, and in particular the importance that photographers place on the human condition, has been under attack for too long, and that many photographers who are celebrated in the media for their work have faced disproportionate hostility, and we recognize that this is part of a larger problem of underrepresentation of the profession in the press,” the board said.

Marshalls is no stranger to controversy, however.

He won the Pulitzer for his photo of a toddler holding a baby in a park in 2007, which was then covered by the New Yorker.

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