Dallas newborn photographer arrested in Florida

The first black woman to photograph a newborn in the United States has been arrested in the state, the second in Florida, as police investigate her alleged theft of a baby photographer’s camera.

The woman was arrested in Palm Beach County on Monday.

Police say the suspect, a 22-year-old woman, had stolen a photographer’s equipment from the hospital where she works.

They say the camera was recovered at the hospital.

Police spokesman Sgt Richard Steeves says the woman was working at a baby hospital in the area on Saturday when she noticed someone was filming the births of a boy and girl.

She went to the baby ward to try to stop the filming, but was confronted by the woman who had a camera and took it away.

The suspect fled the scene, but a passerby noticed her and called police.

Police found the camera at the scene.

The hospital says it has had at least two incidents in the past year involving camera thefts.

A black woman was shot and killed by a man who then ran from the scene of the crime.

Another black woman in a wheelchair was shot in the face by a white man who was then shot and wounded by another white man.

A white man in a suit killed a woman who was wearing a mask in a parking lot.

In May, a white woman was killed by an African American man who allegedly used a handgun in a racially motivated shooting in New Orleans.

A man is facing murder charges in the death of another white woman, and a black woman is accused of fatally shooting a man in Jacksonville, Florida.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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