When history is written in stone

A historic photograph taken in India’s Punjab region in the 19th century, which has become a powerful symbol of Indian nationalism and the struggle for sovereignty over its vast region, has been rediscovered and restored to its original condition.

In the photo, which dates back to the 18th century and depicts a large crowd of soldiers in the region’s vast Punjab, the Sikh soldier stands next to a huge stone slab with the words ‘Kashmir is ours’.

The photo was captured by an Indian nationalist photographer, Sajjad Akhtar, in the late 19th Century and has been used as a powerful rallying cry for Indians seeking to protect their territory from British colonisation.

Akhtar’s photograph has been the subject of a series of international exhibitions in London, Berlin, Stockholm, New York and other cities, including one in the US.

Akhtar had taken the photograph in Punjab as a backdrop for a newspaper article about the Indian war effort in the area.

Akkar’s photograph was published in 1887 in a local newspaper in the province, but has since been lost.

The photograph was originally taken in the Punjab region of India in 1878.

The image was rediscovered in a new museum in Delhi in July 2017.

Aktar was one of the first photographers to take images of the region and it is a photograph that still resonates with many Indians, as it depicts a Sikh soldier standing beside a massive stone slab that marks the spot where a large army regiment had fought its way through the region.

“The image captures the spirit of a war that took place in the heart of a Sikh nation that has been fought on many fronts,” Akhtar said.

The photo had previously been destroyed and had been used in a book called “The Sikh War” by historian Arvind Gaur.

In response to the discovery, Akhtar and his family, including his mother, sent a letter to the Punjab government in the year 2065 asking for the return of the photograph.

“My mother had written a letter in 1882, and it was only in 1920 that I received a reply from the Punjab Government,” Akkar said.

“The government had already made the decision that no photographs would be published in our name.

So we decided to take the matter to the courts.”

The photograph has since become an icon of Indian independence and the Sikh people.

Akkar said that in recent years, the number of Sikh soldiers in Punjab has increased, and he hopes to have the photograph restored.

“It is a matter of pride for me that my family has restored this image to its rightful place in history.

I am very happy to see that history is being written in the stone,” he said.

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