Which photojournalists do you know who is the best?

Dallas wedding photographers have been hailed as the most creative in the industry.

The term “best” has been used in this context before, but it’s unclear which photographers in the business have captured the most beautiful moments in their lives.

But we are pleased to announce that we are now sharing their top 50 photography blogs with you.

From the stunning landscapes of Northern California to the serene moments of a romantic getaway, these are the photographers who have captured our hearts and minds.

Here’s what we found:• Dallas wedding photographer Rachel Dyson.• Charlotte wedding photographer Michelle Fisk.• Los Angeles wedding photographer Lauren Bunch.• New York wedding photographer Anna Levenson.• Miami wedding photographer Amy Nussbaum.• Nashville wedding photographer Kristina Egan.• Boston wedding photographer Laura Hallett.• Charleston wedding photographer Amanda Lee.• San Diego wedding photographer Sarah Molloy.• Dallas photographer Sarah Miller.• Baltimore wedding photographer J.P. Brown.• Philadelphia wedding photographer Adam Zangar.• Indianapolis wedding photographer Jennifer Simek.• Houston wedding photographer Stephanie Littner.• Denver wedding photographer Matt Smith.• Chicago wedding photographer Jason Kagan.• Atlanta wedding photographer Brian McLeod.• Florida wedding photographer Brittany O’Neil.• Washington wedding photographer Alex D’Ambrosio.

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