Why did you shoot this wedding photo?

In early July, I was walking through the city of Charlotte, NC when a small group of people began chanting and chanting for the local sheriff to take down the Confederate flag from a building.

When the sheriff finally came to remove the flag, I took this photo.

I was in my late 20s, with a short haircut, blue jeans, and a black hat.

It was a bit of a shock to see this big, red, white, and blue symbol of white supremacy flying on the roof of a building where my friends and I were celebrating a wedding, but then I had this amazing moment of clarity and clarity of what was happening in Charlotte, and this was my moment of truth.

I have never been more grateful for the opportunity to capture the beauty of Charlotte.

I’m in awe of what we have to offer as a city, and I’m proud to be a part of that city.

When I was in college, a friend of mine, a college senior, said to me, “You have to be the best photographer in the world to photograph a wedding.

You have to know how to take a wedding photograph.”

And I was like, “Yes!


I am not a great photographer, but I am absolutely a master of capturing beautiful moments in Charlotte and in life.

The city of Asheville, NC has a unique history.

It is a city of people who were enslaved and killed, a city where the Klan was a thriving business.

We are also the birthplace of a brand new national monument, the Blue Ridge Parkway.

In this story about a photographer’s relationship with history, I wanted to explore the relationship between a photographer and the people she shoots, and the importance of having a sense of place.

I am currently shooting a portrait of my father, who is currently on a five-year mission to fight climate change in Africa.

I love this story of a photographer struggling to capture a moment of humanity and to create a world that is inclusive.

I wanted to capture this moment with a light and airy, lighthearted, and very naturalistic image.

I wanted the viewer to be able to feel the water on the face of the water, and to feel like I am standing in this beautiful water, in this lush garden, and that I am going to capture that moment for eternity.

I also wanted to bring out the emotional weight of this moment, and how I was dealing with the grief, the anger, the guilt, and ultimately the fear.

When the day of my wedding was over, I realized that this image was important to me and to the people in my life, and it felt right to share this image with all of you.

I hope you love this image, and thank you for reading this piece.

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